Spring daffodils on a windowsill with a tea pot

6 ways to get your property ready to sell this spring

Photo credit: my little red suitcase on Visualhunt.com / CC BY

Spring has always been a busy time for the property market. With Christmas behind us, you might be keen to move before the summer.  Springtime marks the beginning of new life – and the beginning of new property moves too.

If you are thinking of selling your property this spring, there are things you can do to help improve its saleability. Buying a house is an emotional process, as well as a practical one. Buyers talk about ‘that feeling’ as they walk in the door. Here are 6 top tips to help your prospective buyers get ‘that feeling’ and ensure your house, flat or bungalow is under offer whilst the daffodils are still in bloom.

1. De-clutter your house

When you live in your house day-to-day, it can be easy to accumulate stuff. But prospective buyers want to see space. Your personal knick-knacks and photographs are important to you, but your prospective buyers need to see themselves living in your home. Think about what you can pack away ready for your move, or do without.

2. Clean

Redecorating your property before prospective buyers see it can be expensive. But it is amazing the difference a bit of elbow grease can make. A good deep clean on walls, skirting boards, surfaces, bathrooms etc can leave your home feeling fresher and even bigger. It can make it look and smell more inviting.

3. Tidy the garden

This time of year the garden can look drab. But a simple tidy up to ensure things are put away or stored neatly can enable prospective buyers to see the space you have available. Cut the grass if you can, or fix any fence panels that might have been damaged over the winter. If your budget allows, popping a few colourful bedding plants in pots or beds just before viewings start can make a big difference.

4. Fix the DIY

Tap dripping? Lightbulb need changing? Radiator need bleeding? You might not want to start spending lots of money on fixing any problems in your home just before you sell it. However, fixing minor issues that you can resolve can be worthwhile. Changing a lightbulb can transform a room that seems dark into a light filled space. Fixing a blind or curtain demonstrates a home which is well looked after – which inspires confidence in prospective buyers.

5. Fresh flowers

Fresh flowers might seem an expensive luxury but this time of year you can buy daffodils for just £1. Their cheerful yellow colour immediately brightens up any space and helps people feel happy and relaxed in your property. If daffodils aren’t your favourite then tulips, or any other flowers will have the same effect.

6. Light and fresh air

Whenever you can (when we’re not going through a spell of freezing weather!) open the windows and draw back the curtains to let light and fresh air in. During winter, it is natural to want to hibernate and keep the heat in. But buyers viewing your home in Spring will be looking forward to summer. Fresh air can encourage them to think of spending those warm summer months in your home.

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