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Has anyone used an online estate agent before?

This was a question asked yesterday on a well-known social media site and we were delighted by the people of Fleet’s response.

A number of people said they had used online estate agents including ourselves at Check 4 Houses, with kind comments such as: ‘Whole process was very smooth & transparent & we saved thousands I would say’ and ‘the best experience in selling’.

One gentleman who had moved several times before said ‘(Check 4 Houses) was the best service by far, irrespective of the cost if I had known I’d have happily paid the “normal” rates … the fact it saved us over £3000 was just a massive bonus (literally!)’

The rise of internet has changed the way people buy and sell property completely.  Today the majority of people start searching for their next move online using websites such as Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location and you don’t need the high rental costs of a high street office to get a property listed on those websites.

With lower overheads, online estate agents such as Check 4 Houses can sell your property from just £499 or 0.5% + VAT, saving you thousands and giving you more money to spend on your new home.

At Check 4 Houses we aim not just to sell your house, flat, apartment or bungalow for a cheaper price but to deliver the best of both worlds – the price of an online estate agent with the local knowledge and customer service of a high street agent.  Please contact us today to find out how we can help.