Boost your home’s kerb appeal in 7 easy steps

When we talk about maximising kerb appeal, we’re talking about first impressions, and what we can do to enhance our homes overall attractiveness from the outside. When it comes to selling your home, by boosting your home’s kerb appeal, it helps generate initial interest, entices buyers in from the outset, encouraging buyers to see what the rest of your property has to offer and look at the interior as well as contributing to achieving a top-selling price.

In a survey conducted by YouGov on behalf of the Homeowners Alliance, out of 2,000 homebuyers surveyed, over 68% of people felt that kerb appeal was important in their choice of home. The kerb appeal features that people were most searching for included well-maintained roof and windows, a tidy front garden, and well-maintained pathways and fencing, and a nicely painted frontage. Other features of interest included a well-lit exterior, clean gutters and concealed wheelie bins.

Whilst you may have a little more spare time on your hands at the moment, now is the perfect opportunity to embrace kerb appeal and see what improvements you could easily make, to your home. A little work goes a long way, and we have good news, most of these improvements are simple to do, take only a couple of days, are generally inexpensive, with no tradesperson help required. 

Here are our top tips for boosting kerb appeal:

Give your front door a little TLC

The front door is the amazing gateway, to your cherished home, it’s the one thing that stands in the way of prospective buyers getting in and taking a look around, make them want to knock on your door and come straight in. No one wants to knock on an unloved door, 51% of people surveyed by YouGov said that when it comes to kerb appeal features, a well maintained and attractive front door makes all the difference.

Take advantage of this great weather and give your door a fresh coat of paint, pick a classic colour like racing green, pillar box red, or navy to catch the eye. If your door can’t be painted and is plastic or a composite door variety, consider restoring whiteness by using specialist products, easily purchased online. Polish up your door knockers and letterboxes, and consider replacing tired door numbers and signs.

Maintain exterior and windows

Want to go even further, and have the ladders, paint, and time to do so, consider refreshing the house’s exterior, to include repainting weather-beaten wooden window frames and sills. Windows being in top condition (free from rot and flaking paint) topped the homebuyers poll when it came to which aspect contributed most to kerb appeal. And don’t forget to give your windows a good wash, gleaming sparkly windows allows more natural light in and gives your home a welcoming feel.

Clear gutters and check roof

Consider cleaning and fixing any gutters that may be hanging off their fixings, make sure they’re free from blockages such as leaves, dirt and brick moss. Homebuyers are looking for a roof that’s in good condition, check to see if your roof has any obvious missing, cracked or loose tiles if so, consider replacing them.

Freshen up your patio, driveways and pathways

Out of all our solutions, this by far is the easiest and cheapest, breathe life into tired patios, driveways and paths by thoroughly cleaning surfaces with a simple jet washing machine, and don’t forget to clean your rendered surfaces such as patios and decked areas out the back of your property too. Consider replacing cracked paving stones, draft in a professional if you need to, costs start from £100 – £500 depending on the extent of damage and type of surface.

Pay those boundaries some attention

Make those all-important boundary lines clear and neat to prospective buyers by revarnishing wooden fences for an instant facelift, repaint any metal fencing and gates and make sure they’re all in good working order. Trim hedges, prune bushes and planting and cut back any unruly foliage which may be obscuring pathways.

Green appeal

A tidy front garden with no weeds is a must-have for homebuyers, shows that you take care of the house, an overgrown front garden is a massive no-go and sure to put people off from the start. Make your property look more inviting by keeping your front lawn short and manicured, and consider adding a splash of colour with seasonal planters, simple window box or a well-placed hanging basket to cheer up the frontage. Regularly sweep your pathways, and collect up any fallen leaves or rubbish.

Think of the larger picture

Whilst beyond the front of your property is not part of your responsibility, rubbish lying strewn across the road, or pavement does not create a great first impression, you want prospective buyers to get a good feel for the area as well as the house, so make sure it’s as tidy as possible. Similarly, with regards to rubbish, make sure it’s out of view, consider concealing your wheelie bins with a simple willow wheelie bin screen, available at most local DIY or garden stores for a reasonable price.

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