Missing piece from a European jigsaw puzzle revealing British flag and Brexit question

Could before the Brexit referendum be the best time to buy your next home?

Since David Cameron announced the date for the Brexit referendum back in February, speculation has been rife about how the British people will vote.  Campaigning is now well underway with both sides fighting hard to convince us what is right for Britain’s future.  Membership of the EU has costs involved – but do they outweigh the benefits or not?  What does a Britain outside of the EU look like and will it have the same global influence or not?

One thing any political campaigning such as this can do is breed uncertainty.  That can impact economic markets, including the property market.  If people are unsure of what might happen in the coming months, they can decide to put off big decisions – including house purchases.

That can actually make this the perfect time to buy your next property, especially if you are looking to upsize.  With less buyers on the market, prices may come under pressure and deals can be had for motivated purchasers.  First time buyers may also get lucky to secure a good deal and get their foot on the property ladder.

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