Housing development

Housing Development in Hart: Have your say

Hart District Council is preparing a new local plan, and is inviting views on where new homes should be built.  Around 4,000 new homes are required between now and 2032.

The Housing Development Options Paper proposes five options for growth and they want to know which one you prefer, or whether there are any other options which they should consider.

Option 1 – called ‘Settlement Focus’ involves concentrating new housing development within the existing boundaries of the main settlements and larger villages within Hart and could deliver up to 875 homes

Option 2 – ‘Dispersal Strategy’ spreads the growth around the edges of the main towns and villages within Hart and could deliver as many as 4,000 homes

Option 3 – ‘Focused Growth (Strategic Urban Extensions)’ focusses the growth on the edges of one or two of the existing towns in Hart like Fleet and Hook. This could deliver around 3,500 homes

Option 4 – ‘Focused Growth (New Settlement)’ is the creation a completely new town or village. This could deliver 4,000 or more homes but could take up to 10 years before any homes are built so would need to be combined with another option.

Option 5 – Special Protection Area Avoidance Strategy – This pushes the growth away from the environmentally sensitive Special Protection Area covering the north and east of our district down towards Hook, Odiham, North and South Warnborough and Long Sutton and could deliver 1,500 homes

Only option 2 delivers the entire 4,000 homes required on its own. The other options would need to be combined to meet the target.

The consultation documents are available at www.hart.gov.uk/local-plan and you can use the online survey on the consultations page www.hart.gov.uk/consultations to give your feedback on the options. You can also email your feedback to planningpolicy@hart.gov.uk.

The consultation closes at 5pm on 10th October 2014 so act quickly if you want to have your say.