Beat the pet pong and sell your home

So you have taken the plunge to market your home for sale, many people have viewed your home but so far no offers yet. The feedback is favourable yet the house still remains unsold…

If you have pets and find yourself in this very situation – read on. People returning from a viewing are very forthcoming with their feedback and would be happy to say that the property doesn’t have the desired downstairs loo or that the garden just isn’t big enough for their 3 children to happily play in. However, if the house smells of dogs or cat’s people can be totally put off but in most cases they just won’t say. This is because we are nation of animal lovers and people know it can be a sensitive issue. The trouble is it can put people off from returning.

Unfortunately, the pet pong often permeates the whole house, although many owners aren’t aware of it because they get so used to it. Visitors however will usually be able to quickly sniff out the fact that they are entering a house where dogs or cats live.

Of course, considering how much joy they bring, dealing with muddy paw prints and hair on the furniture is part and parcel of living with a pet, but there are steps you can take to help minimise the whiff factor.

But a word of warning dogs and cats like to be able to smell themselves in their own home, so the house should always smell of them at least a bit. Over cleaning to the point of completely removing the smell could lead to pets marking their territory and this ‘wet’ outcome is far more undesirable!

So how do you stop your whole house smelling of Dogs & Cats?

  1. Wash the cats/dogs beds
    Make sure the bed is odour resistant or at least washable. Usually, beds have a washable cover that you can slip off and put in the washing machine.
  2. Wash everything regularly
    If you let the cats and dogs on the furniture – we suggest using throws that can be easily removed and washed thoroughly.
  3. Brush the smells away
    Groom your pets regularly rather than bathing them. You can keep their coat clean without washing out their essential oils. Bathing can cause problems and make matters worse.
  4. Check their ears and teeth
    Smells particularly from dogs don’t just come from a dog’s coat; they can also travel from their ears and mouth, so check these regularly. Do take your pet to the vet if you smell or spot something that could be a problem.
  5. Use an air purifier
    Air purifiers can cut down on airborne odours, and a good one will not only filter particular matter but also will kill bacteria and fungi in the air.

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